Massage Therapy can reduce stress, induce relaxation, loosen "knotted" muscles, and improve posture.
30 Min Relaxation $43
30 Min Couple Relaxation $48
30 Min Deep Tissue
30 Min Couple Deep Tissue
30 Min Reflexology
45 Min Relaxation $54
45 Min Couple Relaxation $59
45 Min Deep Tissue $64
45 Min Couple Deep Tissue $69
45 Min Hot Stone $80
60 Min Relaxation $69
60 Min Couple Relaxation $74
60 Min Deep Tissue $79
60 Min Couple Deep Tissue $84
60 Min Hot Stone $95
60 Min Prenatal $69
90 Min Relaxation $99
90 Min Couple Relaxation $104
90 Min Deep Tissue $110
90 Min Couple Deep Tissue $115
90 Min Hot Stone $126
120 Min Relaxation $141
120 Min Couple Relaxation $146
120 Min Deep Tissue $156
120 Min Couple Deep Tissue $161
120 Hot Stone $171
Price for all couples massages above are per person.
Thai YOGA Massage $125
Thai YOGA Massage is a way to center the mind and body. This massage is performed in your comfortable yoga gear using a combination of acupressure, stretching, palming and gentle twisting help to increase flexibility and energy while reducing stress. Thai can also increase range of motion, relieve pain from arthritis, overworked muscles, and balancing the body’s energy pathways. 90 mins.
Cupids Touch Couples Massage $192
You both receive a one hour Relaxation Massages in our romantic Couples Room complete with a fireplace, a glass of Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.
Reiki $1 per min
If you are struggling with present life issues like depression or repeated unwanted situations, then Energy Healing is for you. Energy healing helps clear the lower vibrations to higher ones. Releasing these blocks helps you to become free to live life to your greatest potential. The more you release these energies the more your life with shift in a positive direction.
Massage Add-ons
Try our signature foot scrub to revitalize those tired feet and help them relax. Love your feet back to health! This service can be incorporated into any massage. 10 mins $5
Experience the rejuvenating combination of a steam hot towel that stimulates blood flow, followed by a Cold Stone Face Massage that helps reduces swelling around the eyes. 10 mins $12

Accepted gratuity in the form of cash or a check only. ATM is onsite, fees may apply.

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